13 NOVEMBER 2012
Thus far everyhting has been moving quite smoothly as the group has a pretty solid idea of the track we're on the ground we would like cover in our presentation. I am doing pretty well with research and have aquainted myself sufficiently enough with the Early Modern Period (specifically 1713 to 1723) and will continue to dig deeper as the proess continues. I've come to learn that the era in which we will be discussing Baroque Italian Opera, the foreign rule of Italy had shifted from Spain to Austria, and this was during the time of the Early Modern Period when capitalism started to bloom in the Northern sections of Italy. I plan on going to a library off- campus to find some more specifics on this form opera in some books as Wilson has nothing relating to this theatre form and Ferguson does not cover the historical aspects of the reseach needed for this project. So far the research for this project has been more basic, and as I continue to ganar up sources I plan on branching more specifically and in depth with my research. My next step to make sure that my reseach extends beyond Vivaldi and that go on to collect information on th social and political aspects of the time, and that I go into the collaborators of Vivaldi and the impact they had on Baroque Italian Opera.


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