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Midterm Exam Study Guide

Below is the midterm study guide. It will be an in-class essay exam. Specifically, you will write two essays. For the first essay, two of the three questions in the study guide will appear on the exam and you will choose one to write for the exam. The second question is exactly what will be on the exam. This will be a closed book exam (i.e. no notes, books, or other materials allowed).

Please email me if you have trouble opening the file.

Midterm Study Guide


on the night of the exam will it just be the test or will we have class as well afterwards?

It will be just the exam and perhaps some administrative stuff. No lecture, lab, or discussion.

Is Duggan going to be on the Midterm since we really didn't have a chance to discuss the papers for that week in lecture?

As the study guide describes, TWO of the questions (possibly including Duggan) will be on the exam for essay one. You will be asked to answer one of them.

Just wondering if we're going to be allowed to have the articles for the exam. I don't write many of these and was trying to find the best way to draw references to an article that I can't take quotes from etc.

[Note from Jeff: Sorry, but the exam will be closed book, meaning you won't be able to have any notes or references with you. I would recommend a concise outline as a good way to remember points from the articles you would like to make.]