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Use the map to explore 150 years of growth by viewing building footprints, aerial imagery and historic maps.

The Campus History map is a collaboration between the John R. Borchert Map Library and the University Archives.

The project took about a year to complete and involved tracing the building footprints from about 550 historical campus maps that are housed in University Archives.

When you click on a building in the Campus History mapping application, you get a pop up that has information about the building, whether the name changed over time, when it was built, if it was torn down, if it was added-on to, etc. You also get a link into UMedia, so you can go and see if there are, currently, any scanned photos of that building, and see what it looked like at different points in time.

All of the maps, building images, and underlying GIS data are available from the Libraries, either though University Archives or the Borchert Map Library.

To interact with the Campus History map, go to:

Click here to see more information about the project.

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