February 7, 2014

Census Flow Mapper

New Migration Tables from the Census Bureau Show County-to-County Moves Across U.S.

from the site:

To help users understand and interact with these statistics, the Census Bureau has developed an online mapping tool called Census Flows Mapper. This application allows users to select a county in the U.S. and view the outbound, inbound and net migration flows for that county. Additionally, users can choose flows based on characteristics such as age, sex, race or Hispanic origin.

The application also allows users to download data, zoom in and out on the map to an area of interest, view additional statistics of the selected county and save their map as a PDF file.

January 31, 2014

Commute Map

These Maps Will Change How You Think About Your Commute

from the site:

It looks a bit like an isochrone, a map showing how far you can travel on a transportation network in a given time frame, starting from a single location.

But this map tells us something about every point of origin in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region simultaneously. Specifically, it tells us how many jobs are accessible within 30 minutes - using the key at right - from each location by public transit, during the 7-9 a.m. peak morning window.

January 15, 2014

Worldwide Current Wind Map


from the site:

a visualization of global weather conditions

forecast by supercomputers

updated every three hours

January 8, 2014

Map of 19th Century Shipping Routes

A map of 19th Century shipping routes and nothing else

from the site:

Nautical trade routes stretch like so many lengths of string in this arresting visualization of intercontinental commerce in the 1800s. The map that emerges highlights not only several continents and their busiest ports, but the various trade winds that cycle through the lower reaches of Earth's atmosphere.

December 5, 2013

Circular City Maps

City Maps That Orient You Better Than Google Can

from the site:

Archie Archambault was a philosophy major who moved to Portland, Ore., in 2009 after college and found himself getting lost. For all their practical uses, Google maps didn't seem to really give him a local's sense of neighborhoods, or how to navigate the city as a whole, or reflect his perceptions of how long it took to get from point A to point B.

So he drew a circle with a cross hair in it, dividing it into quadrants. Then he started exploring streets and neighborhoods by all means of transportation possible, getting an on-the-ground feel for the urban landscape. That first sketch led him to create his first map of Portland and became the genesis of a quirky map-making process that he still uses today.

November 26, 2013

United [Watershed] States of America

The United [Watershed] States of America

What if state boundaries were based on watersheds?

November 21, 2013

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Online

A Dutch edition of Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is now available to view online: Ortelius Atlas

This atlas was produced in Antwerp in 1571 and contains maps depicting the entire world.

November 7, 2013

Which Companies Dominate Your State's Politics?

Which Companies Dominate Your State's Politics?

from the site:

We mapped which industries gave the most to state-level campaign donors for the 2012 election (ballot initiatives and party PACs excluded) and limited our search to the top business in each state. We also excluded unions, law firms, and nonprofits, since political giving from these entities can be associated with a variety of industries.

U.S. Net Migration 2000-2010

Thinking of moving? Here's where your fellow Americans went from 2000 to 2010.

October 24, 2013

America's Mood Map

America's Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude

from the site:

A multinational team of researchers led by psychologist and American expat Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K. has sought to draw the regional lines more clearly, literally mapping the American mood, with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament.

October 18, 2013

Foods Of The States

The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

from the site:

What are the United States' best regional foodstuffs? Its worst? These are the questions that bedevil the mind of man--but no longer! For here, we have ranked them. Rigorously scientific (not), ardently researched (nope), and scrupulously fair (not even a little bit): this is the Great American Menu!

Each state (plus the District of Columbia) gets one, and only one, signature foodstuff. And we selected actual food preparations; no state gets credit merely for being the geographic location where a certain edible flora or fauna happens to grow or swim or graze.

October 8, 2013

Defining 'Downtown'

The Problem With Defining 'Downtown'

From the article:

Last year, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report on population trends in American downtowns, a helpful step toward quantifying the claims made by many cities that residents (and jobs) are moving there in droves (you can view the original report here... whenever the federal government reopens and the Census Bureau's shuttered website comes back online). The Census' blunt definition of "downtown," though, inevitably produced some grousing about over-and under-counts of local populations. It measured "downtown," for lack of a better universal definition, as everything within a 2-mile radius of the local city hall.

September 23, 2013

40 Useful Maps?

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

September 18, 2013

Map Projection Selection Tool

Map Projection Selection Tool

from the article:

The Map Projection Selection Tool was developed to help cartographers pick the best map projection for making maps in a GIS software program. Selecting an appropriate map projection is one of the first important decisions when working and mapping out GIS data. Since two dimensional maps require a compromise, selecting which parameters are necessary to preserve (size, shape, or direction) is important. The Map Projection Select Tool provides suggestions for picking a projection that preserves the spatial property selected and is accurate for the geographic area of interest.

August 26, 2013

Minneapolis Crime Maps

Crime in Minneapolis

from MinnPost:

Below you will find aggregate Minneapolis crime data for the most recent month that has been made available. Reporting on crime trends is a complicated business, and raw crime stats can be misleading; please read the full post on our methodology for detailed information and additional caveats. Check back each month for updated numbers.