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May 20, 2009

Boundary Waters Maps: Google Style

Ever wish you could explore a map of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with the ease of Google Maps? Well, now you can! has put up a version of the Boundary Waters (including locations of entry point, campsites, portages, etc.) on their web site. Each data point has the option to add descriptions or photos, though some options require signing up with the site (which is free).

Check it out here:Boundary Waters Overview Map

May 19, 2009

Atlas of the Real World

atlasoftherealworld.jpg The Atlas of the Real World by Daniel Droling, Mark Newman and Anna Barford is now available for browsing in the Map Library Reading Area (near the entrance). With over 360 cartograms, this 400 page volume represents a wide array of data covering world resources, trade, economics, social issues, perils (e.g., disasters and war), and the environment.

View some sample images from the book.

In case you are wondering where you have heard the name Mark Newman before.....You may have seen his cartograms representing information about the 2008 presidential election results.

May 18, 2009

Mapping/GIS Blogs

Looking for blogs that discuss mapping and GIS, point out cool and interesting maps in the news or published elsewhere, look at new online mapping applications...? A couple of lists with possibilities you can explore have been posted at WhatsYourPlace and Off the Map.

We are always interested in what others are following online. Feel free to share your favorite Mapping/GIS/Geography blog - e-mail us at

May 13, 2009

2008 Greater MN Traffic Volume Maps now available


Visit the MN Department of Transportation to see the 2008 Traffic Volume Maps for the greater Minnesota area. The Twin Cities metropolitan area maps will be coming soon.

Rural Statistical Areas for Minnesota

The U.S. Census Bureau recently created new geographic areas, Rural Statistical Areas, for the state of Minnesota and others.

Review a summary of the RSA project.

View the map of Minnesota RSAs:


See the American Communicaty Survey Data available for the MN RSAs in Year 1 (2006) and Year 2 (2007).