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January 25, 2010

U.S. States redrawn with equal population

What states might look like if, as with Congressional districts, their borders were periodically redrawn to reflect population changes.


January 13, 2010

The Smallest World Map in the Whole Wide... World?

The Photonics Research Group of Ghent University-IMEC has fabricated a world map on a scale of 1 trillionth. Using CMOS fabrication tools, IMEC has reduced the 40-thousand-kilometer circumference at the equator down to 40 micrometer, about half the width of a human hair. The map is put in a corner of a optical silicon chip designed for one of the group's research projects on nanophotonic integrated circuits.

The Smallest World Map in the Whole Wide... World?

January 5, 2010

Digital Universe Atlas

The Known Universe -- a video developed by the American Museum of Natural History