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September 23, 2010

USGS Mapping Productivity Record

USGS Mapping Productivity Record Slashed

"USGS has exceeded its highest map cells production in one year since the record of 2,500 new quadrangle maps were published in 1972. Since the first release of the US Topo series of revised digital topographic maps less than nineteen months ago, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has published more than 30,800 7.5-minute cells covering more than 50% of the nation's land area and setting standards for production efficiency."


September 1, 2010

Joy and Pain Map of the Twin Cities

"On the surface (both literally and figuratively) Rebecca Krinke's latest public art piece is simply a giant laser-cut map of Minneapolis and St. Paul. But once she added in two types of colored pencils--gold and gray--and let local citizens color in their personal places of joy and pain, it became something much more."

A map of a different color