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May 16, 2011

Piscatorial Monuments

View an interactive map of fish statues around Minnesota.

Read the whole article here: Fish Kitsch in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

May 12, 2011

The Geography of Hate

The Geography of Hate

"The map ... by Zara Matheson of the Martin Prosperity Institute, graphically presents the geography of hatred in America today. Based on the number of hate groups per one million people across the U.S. states, it reveals a distinctive pattern."

May 6, 2011

Human Cartography: Maps the Define the Mind

Human Cartography: Maps the Define the Mind

The Kingdom of Wisdom, the Isle of Knowledge, and other whimsical geographic representations of the human condition

May 2, 2011

Map of UFO sightings in Minnesota

UFO sightings in Minnesota

Here it is: every Minnesota UFO sighting on record at the National UFO Reporting Center. There are close to 800 entries and the sightings cover all corners of the state, stretching back to 1947.