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November 19, 2012

Hamas's rocket range inside Israel

An interactive map showing Hamas's rocket range inside Israel

November 16, 2012

USFS Pest Portal

U.S. Forest Service -- Forest Health Protection Mapping and Reporting

Find interactive maps relating to Forest Pest Conditions, Insect and Disease Surveys, Forest Disturbances and more...

From the site:

"The applications ... access a myriad of state, county and local level forest insect and disease conditions data. In addition we offer a window into near real time forest disturbance information collected from space."

November 8, 2012

Marriage and Voter ID votes by precinct

Maps: The Marriage and Voter ID votes by precinct

from MPR:

These maps show by precinct the support that the Marriage and Voter ID constitutional amendments found around the state of Minnesota. Striking dislike for both amendments can be seen in the core Metro cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, with falling levels of support radiating outwards. Similarly high levels of 'no' votes can be found in other populous areas throughout the state. Rural areas were more likely to support both amendments.

November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The AfterMap

Hurricane Sandy: The AfterMap

from the site:

Compare NOAA satellite imagery from before and after Hurricane Sandy and investigate damage caused by the superstorm in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Click and drag the red bar to compare historical and current imagery. You can also use the included bookmarks to explore some of the the most damaged areas.