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May 28, 2013

Geography of Bacteria-Related Deaths

The Lopsided Geography of America's Bacteria-Related Deaths

from the site:

The sepsis puzzle just got a slight bit clearer, thanks to new research from the University of Pennsylvania. A medical team has conducted a detailed survey of American sepsis mortality, identifying several "hotspots" with abnormally high reports of deaths. They also located a "coolspot" in the western part of the country where sepsis rates appear to be below average.

May 26, 2013

Meteorite Impact Map

A Fantastic Map of 500 Years of Meteorites Hitting Earth

from the site:

The interactive map is only a partial sampling of the 45,716 meteorites on record with the Meteoritical Society. "The vast majority of those are fragments found in Antarctica and other remote locations like Western Australia and the Sahara," he says. "Only about 1,107 have a recorded sighting associated with them and of those I was able to find pictures for 605. Since the map is intended for the public and not professionals, I chose to show only the 605 with the most information associated with them."

May 24, 2013

East and West Dakota?

Had the Cookie Crumbled Differently: East and West Dakota

from the site:

Lurking beneath the surface of what on the face of the map looks like a perfectly non-suspect pair of cartographic personae is an intriguing allohistorical question: What is the Dakota Split had never happened? Or: What if it had happened differently?