October 18, 2012

Historic USGS Topographic Map Symbols


February 22, 2010

Rio Data

available online for download from the ESRI site at http://resources.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/index.cfm?fa=content&tab=Layers

guide to get to the ESRI data that is available on all of the computers in the lab and via Netfiles is at http://map.lib.umn.edu/acic/guides/ESRIData.pdf

http://data.geocomm.com/catalog/BR/136487/group109.html (this has cultural landmarks - perhaps tourist spots, populated places too as points or polygons)

http://data.geocomm.com/catalog/BR/136487/group103.html - transportation - roads, railroads, etc.

http://data.geocomm.com/catalog/BR/136487/datalist.html - complete data list for Rio (the state - and includes items above

If they charge for accessing this data, I think it is the same data that is freely available from the Digital Chart of the World from Penn State - see http://www.maproom.psu.edu/cgi-bin/dcw/dcwarea.cgi?South_America and choose Rio from the list.

If he can read Portugese (?) then this sight might have data available - http://www.ibge.gov.br/home/

A variety of world streetmap options that could be explored - http://www.arcgisonline.com/home/group.html?q=street&t=group&owner=esri&title=ESRI%20Maps%20and%20Data

October 14, 2009

Tree Distribution -- United States

Climate Change Tree Atlas

Digital Representations of Tree Species Range Maps

September 25, 2009

Online State Atlases

List of online state atlases available on this page.

August 20, 2009

Lake Finder - Minnesota DNR

Lake Finder - Minnesota DNR - http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/index.html

Or use Land View - search for the lake name - click on the info icon and then click on the lake.

Water depth and more.

Old City Maps in Books

Scandinavian Atlas of Historic Towns; Finland, Kokkola-Gamlakarleby - G2051.A1 S326x 1990 no.1

The Atlas of Historic Towns Volume 2 - G1814.A1 H5 1969 v.2

Cities of the World: Europe and America - G1028.B7x 1990 Euro.Amer.

An Atlas of Rare City Maps; Comparative Urban Design, 1830-1842 - G1028.B65 1997

Antique Maps; An introduction to the history of maps and how to appreciate them - GA201.P68 1988

Mapping the City; The language and culture of cartography in the Renaissance - GA781.M55 2003

Envisioning the City: Six Studies in Urban Cartography - G140.E58 1998

Embodiments of Power - Building Baroque Cities in Europe - HT131.E55 2008

Old European Cities; 32 16th Century Maps and Texts from the Civitates Orbis Terrarum of Georg Braun & Franz Hogenberg - 914 B738

Genealogy of Cities - G1046.G45 G7 2008

Civitates Orbis Terrarum - Volumes 1-3 - G1028.B7 1965 v.1, v.2, v.3 (Architeccture)

Cities of the World: 363 Engravings Revolutionize the View of the World - G1028.B73 2008

June 2, 2009

Help finding maps in Sci/Eng

Use this site to help when sending patrons to find maps in Sci/Eng....

March 16, 2009

EcoEd tour groups

-Map of the Organized Counties of MN (G4140 1850 .C6x 1999)
-Maps of Minnesota and Part of Wisconsin ( G4140 1856 .E5)
-Principal Hot Dishes by Region (G4141 .E622 2000 .P2x)
-Map of the Territory of Minnesota ( G4141 1849 .P6)
-The Known Globe 1667 (G3200 1667 .G66x 1959)
-Sectional and Township map of MN (G4140 1870 .B87)
-Amerique Septentrionale (G3300 1696 (1967))
-The World as Pilgrims Knew It (G3200 1618 .J36x 1958)
-A New Map of North America (G3300 1806 .C2)
-A New Map of North America (G3300 1776)
-The United States from teh Latest Authorities (G3700 1853)
-Mitchell's Travelers Guide Through the United States (G3700 1832 .Y68)
-Johnson's United States (G3700 1864 J63)
-Plan of the City of Minneapolis and Vicinity (MN Historical Atlas)
-Twin Cities Deluxe Metro Street Map (G4144 .T89 A1 1998 .L3x)
-Anoka, MN (USGS 1902 1:62,500 topo)
-Minneapolis, MN (USGS 1901 1:62,500 topo)
-St.Paul, MN (USGS 1986 1:62,500 topo)
-White Bear, MN (USGS 1902 1:62,500 topo)

-Mitchell's School Atlas (Quarto G1019 .M58x 1854)
-Mitchell's School Atlas (G1019 .M58x 1847)
-Plats Government Survey, Hennepin County
-Atlas of the City of Minneapolis (Flat G1429 .M5 U6 1941)
-Atlas of Minneapolis (Flat G1429 .M5 M5x 1903)

January 15, 2009

Guide to Map Call numbers


December 5, 2008

Atlases Removed from Reference Collection

Atlas of Saskatchewan
Atlas of Alberta
Nova Scotia Resource Atas
Atlas of Canada (1981)
Atlas of British Columbia
Maritime Provinces Atlas
North of 50 degrees: atlas of northern Ontario

Forester's atlas of the northeast
Atlas of great lakes indian history
Atlas of the Pacific northwest
Upper Greak Lakes Region Atlas
Puget Sound Region

November 12, 2008

Cutter list for map subjects (tell me what the map is about by looking at the call number)

See http://oregonstate.edu/~reeset/html/subject.html.

January 29, 2008

Item for hennepin county plats from 1850s

First and early settlers of Hennepin County, Minnesota / data entry by John McAuliffe.
St. Paul, Minn. : Minnesota Genealogical Society, c1991.
TC Wilson Library Borchert Map (Minnesota) Quarto F612.H55 F57x 1991 Non-Circulating


This item is a list of settlers, but also has psuedo-plat maps in the back from the 1850s.

October 22, 2007

Coordinate system for shapefiles exported from GeoLytics CensusCD products

Those ACIC lab users who export a map from GeoLytics as a shapefile and then want to display these data with other GIS layers will need to know the coordinate system and--if applicable--the projection of the shapefile exported from the GeoLytics product so that this information can be assigned to the data in ArcGIS or ArcView 3.3. If this step is omitted in a GIS setting, the GeoLytics data will not display properly with data from other sources, nor will these shapefiles be capable of being projected or supporting distance or area calculations.

There is no good way to discern this information precisely (since GeoLytics' own documentation provides no metadata) but to ask the vendor directly. Katia, the data specialist in technical support, explained to me that the shapefiles that result from a data export are unprojected and are in the NAD83 (North American Datum of 1983) coordinate system. I tested this with several of our other layers on the I:\ drive and with some known distance measurements to confirm that this seems correct.

October 4, 2007

Poster Printing


Directions on the website are more specific....but they should e-mail info/questions to mapref@umn.edu.

Grid Measures



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