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March 16, 2009

EcoEd tour groups

-Map of the Organized Counties of MN (G4140 1850 .C6x 1999)
-Maps of Minnesota and Part of Wisconsin ( G4140 1856 .E5)
-Principal Hot Dishes by Region (G4141 .E622 2000 .P2x)
-Map of the Territory of Minnesota ( G4141 1849 .P6)
-The Known Globe 1667 (G3200 1667 .G66x 1959)
-Sectional and Township map of MN (G4140 1870 .B87)
-Amerique Septentrionale (G3300 1696 (1967))
-The World as Pilgrims Knew It (G3200 1618 .J36x 1958)
-A New Map of North America (G3300 1806 .C2)
-A New Map of North America (G3300 1776)
-The United States from teh Latest Authorities (G3700 1853)
-Mitchell's Travelers Guide Through the United States (G3700 1832 .Y68)
-Johnson's United States (G3700 1864 J63)
-Plan of the City of Minneapolis and Vicinity (MN Historical Atlas)
-Twin Cities Deluxe Metro Street Map (G4144 .T89 A1 1998 .L3x)
-Anoka, MN (USGS 1902 1:62,500 topo)
-Minneapolis, MN (USGS 1901 1:62,500 topo)
-St.Paul, MN (USGS 1986 1:62,500 topo)
-White Bear, MN (USGS 1902 1:62,500 topo)

-Mitchell's School Atlas (Quarto G1019 .M58x 1854)
-Mitchell's School Atlas (G1019 .M58x 1847)
-Plats Government Survey, Hennepin County
-Atlas of the City of Minneapolis (Flat G1429 .M5 U6 1941)
-Atlas of Minneapolis (Flat G1429 .M5 M5x 1903)