September 5, 2007

Public Land Survey System

August 16, 2007

Minnesota Interactive Mapping

August 13, 2007

Bridge Collapse Interactive Map

This is maybe a little simplistic and probably less interesting as it becomes less current, but it's a map of what happened where and when during the 35-W bridge collapse, with links to pictures and more information.

August 8, 2007

EPA Window to My Environment

EPA's Window to My Environment

Interactive map with different environmental layers. Searchable by zipcode, city, or latitude/longitude.

Bike Maps

This is a post in a forum about bike routes in Minnesota. Included are a list of several resources, including the links to the bike route maps from the DoT, which aren't easily accessible from the main DoT page.

1990 Ancestry Maps

1990 Ancestry Maps

Map site from the Dept. of Administration showing census data from 1990. This site contains two groups of maps - Minnesota Ancestry by township and Nationwide Ancestry by county.

August 7, 2007

Rivers Council of Minnesota


ClassBrain's Minnesota Page

This is a list of resources, mostly aimed at K-12 students with basic facts and information about Minnesota. Included in the maps are:

Custom Map Maker, a utility where you can select different groups of counties, color code them, and create a map.
Interactive Minnesota Battle Map, an interactive map which shows different locations of historic battles in Minnesota and links to more information about the battles

More maps and map resources are also included.

Broer Map Library

Broer Online Map Library


August 6, 2007

Interactive Mapserver Maps

Different interactive maps developed with the Mapserver program. Compiled by UMN Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis laboratory

FairData 2000 - interactive political maps

FairData 2000 : Minnesota Access

A series of interactive maps originally created for non-profits and political organizations. Details voter registration, election results in 2000 and 2004, and census data. There are also voter registration and turnout pdf files for all Minnesota towns above 15,000 population.

The link above is for Minnesota, although other states are represented on the site as well. While the map itself isn't from a government source, all of the data seems to be cited from various government agencies.

Minnesota Wind Maps

Minnesota Commerce : Wind Maps

This site from the Dept of Commerce details long term wind patterns in Minnesota. Included are both map images and GIS data.

April 25, 2007

Broer Maps Online