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August 8, 2007

What's up with all the wazungu...?

I'm sitting in London now. I've left Kenya. There was no time to write any futher updates.

In short, the power connection and some basic restoration was a great success. As it was noted by one of my coworkers and friend Ceso, "Ben, you've done in months what would have taken years. We feel very good about what has happened and we want to keep working as a team in the future."

I will be doing further work with the House of Courage to set up fundraising possibilities through U.S. avenues. More on that too come, how you will be able to learn more about the organization and how you can help.

For now I'm in London...and I think I'm starting to get some culture shock. I haven't seen so many Westerners in over 2 months. As the title suggests what is up with all the wazungu?

It's also to clean here. I need a burning trash heap for comfort.