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Obama looks to change "No Child" law

by Kendall Mark

The Obama administration is looking to make significant changes to the education law "No Child Left Behind" while also eliminating the date 2014 as being the date for all American proficiency the New York Times reports.

The administration's main interrest is in changing the budgeting methods and reforming state's standardized testing that show if a school is successful or not, but keeping the general ideals in the original bill reports the New York Times.

The administration plans on developing a proposal for the bill in the next few months after hearing recommendations from stakeholders ABC News reports.

ABC reports the administration hopes that states will continue to play a large roll in holding education standards high.

13 people displaced in Eagan fires

by Kendall Mark

Thirteen people were displaced this weekend because of two seperate fires, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The fires occured Saturday night and Sunday morning and left more than $400,000 in damages reports the Star Tribune.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the first fire was caused by a cigarette butt but the cause of the second fire remains unknown.

None of the victims were injured in the fire according to the Star Tribune.

Man found guilty of killing abortion doctor

by Kendall Mark

A pro-life man was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday in Wichita, Kan. for killing a late-term abortion doctor.

The New York Times reports it took on 37 minutes for the jury to convict Scott Roeder of killing Dr. George Tiller by shooting Tiller in his church. Mr Roeder openly admitted he shot Dr. Tiller because he saw it as the only way to stop the death of unborn babies.

Roeder also admitted to thinking of elaborate ways of killing the doctor, including a car accident, cutting off his hands, or breaking into his home at night according to the Associated Press.

Roeder also admitted to attempting to kill Tiller at the church three other times but Tiller had not been there reports the Associated Press.

The New York Times says the residing judge attempted to stop the trial from turning into an abortion issue; nonetheless the trial brought in many of the most outspoken abortion debators in the nation.

When asked if Roeder thought he had completed his mission, The New York Times reports Roeder said "He had been stopped. Yes."

Gopher football hires new offensive coordinator

by Kendall Mark

Tim Brewster has announced Gopher football's new offensive coordinator within days of losing former coach, Jedd Fisch, to the NFL.

January 5 the head coach said Jeff Horton, the current Detroit Lions' quarterback coach, would be filling the post the Minnesota Daily reported.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press Horton joins the coaching staff with 22 years of college coaching experience under his belt, as well as NFL coaching experience.

Brewster said "[Horton's] overall knowledge will help make this a seemless transition for our players," according to the Minnesota Daily.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says Horton started his career in 1984 in Minnesota and continued on to coach a few of the top passing quarterbacks in Wisconsin football history along with Detriot Lions' No. 1 draft pick Matthew Stafford.

Brewster told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he chose Horton because, "He understands Minnesota and wanted very badly to be here. That was important to me."

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