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Taliban attacks in Kabul

by Kendall Mark

Suicide bombers, grenades, and guns were used Friday in an attack by the Taliban against Western aided government at a NATO offensive, the Washington Post reported.

The attacks were aimed at two guest houses, usually occupied by foreigners, and killed 16 people, the New York Times reported.

The attacks happened after a NATO-Afghan decision to launch the largest crusade yet against the Taliban in order to restore government to Afghan officials, the Washington Post said.

The attacks killed mostly Indians, even though the Taliban said that was not their intention, New York Times reported. The attacks spotlighted India's support in bringing Afghan government officials back to power.

Most of the people killed were on aid missions and working for non-profit organizations, New York Times said.

White House Social Secretary to step down

by Kendall Mark

The White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers is resigning from her postition to seek new oppertunities, WCCO news reported.

Rogers was under scrutiny last November by letting in two party goers into a state dinner that were not invited, WCCO reported.

The first lady and the president have been long time friends with Rogers, MSNBC reported, who has organized over 300 events during Obama's presidency.

In past events at the White House, White House social staffers have been present with the Secret Service as guests entered, MSNBC said. Last Nov. 24, no one from the White House staff was present with the Secret Service.

by Kendall Mark

Apolo Anton Ohno became the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian in history with his bronze metal in the 1,000-meter short-track, the Associated Press said.

Ohno also became the most decorated short-track speedskater in the world while at his third Olympics, USA Today said.

Ohno appeared relieved after the 9 lap race, having been in the rear of the pack for the majority of the race, the Associated Press said.

The 27-year-old Olympian has hinted his third will be his final Olympics, USA Today said.

Social-host ordinance approved by City Council

by Kendall Mark

The Minneapolis City Council approved the social-host ordinance proposal with a 12-0 vote Feb. 12th, the Star Tribune said.

The ordinance would make it a misdemeanor to host a party with underage drinking, the Star Tribune said. Misdemeanors are punishable by $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail.

Councilman Cam Gordon, who proposed the bill, hopes it will address the "devastating effects" of underage drinking, the Minnesota Daily said.

The proposal will only become a law if Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak signs the bill, the Minnesota Daily said.

Pawlenty gives final state of the state address

by Kendall Mark

During Gov. Tim Pawlenty's final state of the state address Feb. 11th, the St. Paul Pioneer Press said Pawlenty's top concerns were state budgeting and private-sector job growth.

The governor then gave his six-piece package of tax cuts and ideas to increase job growth dubbed "Jobs Creation Bill," the Pioneer Press said.

Pawlenty neglected to mention the state budget deficit, only saying that practices were going backwards and that we need to stop overspending, the Minnesota Daily said.

Unsuprisingly, DFLers were dissapointed with Pawlenty's speech and his neglect to address the budget deficit, while Republican's remain optimistic about the governor's plans for the upcoming year, the Minnesota Daily said.

Dutch will pull-out of Afghanistan by end of the year

by Kendall Mark

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende announced Sunday he expects Dutch troops will with-draw from Afghanistan by the end of this year, the New York Times said.

The announcement came shortly after the Dutch government collapsed, said the New York Times. The Labor Party quit the government in the Netherlands, which has left many wondering what will happen to the rest of the Western military coalition fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Earlier this month NATO asked Balkenende and the Dutch government to extend its stay in southern Afghanistan to help train the Afghan army and police to take control of the area, CBS News said.

Balkenende announced his caretaker government had no authority to accept NATO's request and stay in the region for any longer, CBS News said.

The Dutch currently have 2,000 troups located in Oruzgan province the New York Times said, where CBS News reported 21 soldiers have died since the campaign began in 2006.

Austin IRS building intentionally flown into

by Kendall Mark

Investigators and firefighters alike are trying to put together the missing pieces of why a man flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin Friday, MSNBC reported.

Joseph Stack had long held a grudge against the IRS, MSNBC reported, had also set his home on fire and was killed in the crash.

The remains of two people have been found but not identified in a building with nearly 200 employees, CNN reported.

Clues have begun to spring up, CNN said, like an online message Stack had posted before the incident where he raved about the government, particularily the IRS.

Analysis-news structure in Southern snowfall story

by Kendall Mark

The reported for the CNN story "More snow coming South" summarized the important events by relevance and impact. The story began with the National Weather Service advisory warning of approaching snow, which had more relevance than what has already happened. From there, he or she listed events that have happened thus far because of snowfall by the largest to the smalles, or the most to the least impact. He/she concluded with a summary of notable snowfall amounts and stastics on snow coverage throughout the country.

I believe it was an effective way of approaching the story line because it made the story as clear as possible. It could have been approached with a bit more enthusiasm, adding personal stories to break up the long list of facts to give the story a more personalized touch.

Southern snowfalls leaves scientists stumped

by Kendall Mark

Forty-nine of the 50 states have seen snowfall so far this year, and two-thirds of the United States land mass had snow on the ground Friday morning, the Associated Press reported.

This unusual weather pattern has left scientists stumped, expecially since Canada and some northern states have such little precipitation, the Associated Press said.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for some of these same southern states, reported CNN, sending in round two of heavy snowfall.

The snowfall has caused two massive pileups, cancelled flights, highway closures, and a roof collapse, CNN said.

Man pulled out of the St. Croix River

by Kendall Mark

A 57-year-old man was pulled out of the St. Croix River Saturday morning after his truck went through the ice, the Star Tribune reported.

Around 3:06 a.m. police were informed a man was yelling for help near the railroad swing bridge in West Lakeland Township,the Star Tribune said.

The Bayport man was brought to Regions Hospital after his rescue, and his current condition is unknown, according to the Pioneer Press.

The truck has been recovered and the scene cleared shortly after, the Pioneer Press said.

Apolo Anoton Ohno takes silver in the men's 1500

by Kendall Mark

Apolo Ohno scraped out a silver medal after two South Korean skaters lost control in the last lap of the men's short track 1500 meter, the Chicago Tribune reported.

After earning his sixth Olympic medal, Ohno is now tied with Bonnie Blair as the most decorated American athlete in the Winter Olympic games, the Chicago Tribune said.

Ohno was under the impression he would place only because one of the South Korean's would be disqualified after a tussel in an earlier lap, the Associated Press reported. The South Korean's would, eventually, do it themselves.

J.R. Celski took the bronze, making it the first time America would have two skaters on the podium in an Olympic short track event, Associate Press said.

Man shot and killed in St. Paul

by Kendall Mark

An argument Saturday night led to a 45-year-old father shot dear and his 18-year-old son arrested, reported the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Anthony Gaither was found outside his home at 1167 Bush Ave with several gun shot wounds and died at Regions Hospital, the Star Tribune reported.

His son, Aramis Diamante Sanitino Gaither, was arrested shortly after in connection with the shooting, the Star Tribune said.

Neighbors say the father and son had not been heard quarelling in the past but the argument had escaladed Saturday afternoon, said the Pioneer Press. They also say it was sometime during the fight they believe the son found the gun and shot his father.

Athlete dies at the Olympic Games

by Kendall Mark

A luge athlete died Friday during a practice run for the Olympics before the opening ceremony had officially started the games, the New York Time reported.

Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, of Georgia died when he lost control of his sled near the end of his run on the Whistler Sliding Centre track, said the New York Times.

The course was reopened Saturday morning after investigators concluded the accident was extremely rare, said Bloomberg.

Kumaritashvili's death was the first death at the Olympics in 18 years, reported Bloomberg.

Analysis- sources in Kettleman City story

by Kendall Mark

In the article about birth defects in a California city by the New York Times there were near 13 various sources used.

The sources that were named were: state officials, Waste Management, various residents, health authorities, the EPA, Gov. Schwarzenegger, Kings County officials, and the state.

The sources used were scattered pretty regularily throughout the story, never leaving the reader to guess where the information came from or who was speaking.

Not all of the named sources were direct quotes from people, but some were city residents, officials, and representatives. Some information that was not named would have come from public records, historical refrences, environmental groups, maps, and health reports.

The reporter did a nice job setting up the attribution in this story. It wasn't as straight forward as most articles but it was articulated and layed out in a format that made the attribution clear. He did this by placing quotes after describing specifics on companies and by giving attribution within the sentence. This form of attribution style is effective because it allows you to read the story without the extra bagage of constantly reading "he said/she said."

Birth defects in centeral California, state asks why

by Kendall Mark

State and federal officials are asking why a small city in centeral California has such a high rate of birth defects and deaths, reported the New York Times. The city lies 4 miles east of the largest hazardous waste facility west of the Mississippi.

Six children were born within a 15 month period with serious birth defects, half of which died as infants, New York Times said.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's intervention has come as a relief to residents of Kettleman City and activists fighting for better conditions and the environment, reported the Sacramento Bee.

Residents have been pleading with the facility for years not to expand their premises, the Sacramento Bee said.

The officials of Waste Management have said they are confident their facility has nothing to do with the birth defects or death but are willing to cooperate with investigations, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Xcel Energy forced to sewer line breaches

by Kendall Mark

Xcel Energy has been forced to check and fix all natural gas lines that cross sewer lines statewide by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, said WCCO News.

Xcel faces a $1 million fine if it does not comply with the order, said the Star Tribune. The order was issued after a home in St. Paul blew up because of the problem.

Trista Meehan, the home owner, had to flee the premises after a plumber fixing a clogged sewage line smelled gas. The plumber was injured in the blast, reported the Star Tribune.

WCCO reported, the Assisstant Public Safety Commisioner Tim Leslie said the department wonders how wide spread the problem is and how Xcel plans to fix it.

The Department of Public Safety has ordered Xcel to submit a play by Feb. 19.

Man trapped in a silo faces OSHA inquiry

by Kendall Mark

OSHA is inspecting what happened to a Farmington man after he was rescued from a grain bin Thursday, reported KARE11 News.

The Star Tribune said, Mark Malecha is the manager of Feely grain elevator and is now in trouble with OSHA for not following regulations by neglecting to connect to a safety line while working.

The fall lead to an eight hour rescue where Malecha was left with only his head and hand sticking out of the grain, said KARE11.

OSHA will be investigating why Malecha, who is now recovering at home in Northfield, chose not to use a safety harness, reported the Star Tribune.

KARE11 said, in the last five years 12 Minnesotan's have died in grain-handling facilities, three of which were OSHA inspected facilities.

Texas church fires suspected to be intentional

by Kendall Mark

Eight fires in eastern Texas have put church members on edge, reported the Dallas Morning News.

The Associated Press reported, the fires began on New Year's Day and are all within 150 miles apart.

Authorities have concluded seven of the fires were intentional and are investigating the fire the broke out Thursday as possible arson, the Associated Press said.

Several churches have stepped up security standards in fear their church could be next, said the Dallas Morning News. The Associated Press reports, the churches have varying sizes and denominations, keeping everyone on edge.

Twenty-five dead in Pakistan double bombing

by Kendall Mark

Two different bombings in the city of Karachi have left 25 dead and 50 wounded reports BBC News, while MSNBC reports 100 people were wounded in the bombings.

Sunni militants are suspected in the bombings; one bomb hitting a bus full of Shiite worshipers and the other two hours later at a hospital treating the injured victims MSNBC reports.

Meanwhile, BBC has reported the incidents happened within one hour of each other, the first killing 12 people while the second killed 13.

The bombs are just the latest incidents in the instable country the United States hopes to utilize in its defeat of the Taliban's related acts in Afghanistan, reports MSNBC.

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