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Hecker jailed over alimony dispute

by Kendall Mark

Auto mogul, Denny Hecker, was jailed Tuesday morning after a judge said Hecker failed to provide adequate financial information in the divorice case with second wife, Sandra Hecker, KARE 11 said.

Hennepin County Family Court Juday Jay Quam told Hecker he was going to jail as motivation, the Star Tribune said. Quam also told Hecker, "Your credibility has not had a good year, either."

Hecker was also due in court at 2:30 Tuesday to see Quam again with payments due to fourth ex-wife Tamitha Hecker, the Star Tribune said.

Hecker has also been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, five counts of wire fraud, and one count of money laundering but, KARE 11 says he has pleaded not guilty so will go on trial to face federal fraud charges Oct. 18.

Suicide Bombers kill many in Moscow subways

by Kendall Mark

Two female suicide bombers killed 37 and injured over 100 people in two seperate subway station explosions in Moscow Monday morning, the New York Times said.

The first attack took place during rush hour at a station near the headquarters of the F.S.B., which has been leading the fight against Islamic extremism in Chechnya, the New York Times said.

The Associated Press said, the second attack occured at the Park Kultury station about 45 minutes later.

The subway system in Moscow carries near 7 million people on the average workday, making it the busiest system in the world, Associated Press said. The attacks brought movement in the city center to an abrupt halt as emergency personal sped to the stations.

Analysis-News Obituary

by Kendall Mark

I looked at the Chet Simmons obituary in the New York Times about his life as an ESPN founding force and found multiple sources. Sources use were: ABC, NBC, ESPN, family, the New York Times, author James Andrew Miller, George Grande, NFL, and Roone Arledge to name a few.

It was a standard obit lead with his full name, a sum of what he did in life, where he died, and his age, shortly followed by the cause of death in the second paragraph.

I thought this lead worked because it is a general obituary in a very busy news paper that has to write obits on a daily basis. Anything that would vary would make it more complex.

The obit differs from a resume because it lists his accomplishments, but with quotes from other people and not necessarily in order of which they happened. It's also different because the writing style gives it more of a personalized touch unlike a resume which is very bland and indifferent.

Marine officer says gays and straights shouldn't share rooms

by Kendall Mark

The top officer of the Marine Corps said he does not believe homosexuals and heterosexuals should have to share housing on base should the ban on gays openly serving in the military be lifted, CNN said.

Gen. James T Conway has spoken out against the efforts to repeal the "don't ask don't tell" policy instilled since 1993, saying we should keep the law as it is, the Washington Post said.

Conway also said the Marine Corps is the only branch of the military that does not have single rooms, CNN said.

President Obama and his staff plan to allow gays to openly serve in the military as soon as possible, leading to less expulsion of gays from the service, Washington Post said.

Bomb death troll rises to 42

by Kendall Mark

Forty-two people were killed Friday in Iraq's northern Diyala province from two bombs, shortly before the release of a preliminary parliamentary vote, Reuters said.

Both homemade, a car bomb and a roadside bomb went off outside of a busy market place in the city of Khalis, CNN said.

Around 68 people were killed in the bombings, including women and children, CNN said.

One brother jailed, the other dead in St. Paul shooting

by Kendall Mark

A 40-year-old Wisconsin man was killed Saturday night in St. Paul and his 38-year-old brother has been arrested for the shooting, the Star Tribune said.

At around 11:00 p.m. police were called to the 1300 block of Reaney Avenue after a report of a man having been shot in the head, the Pioneer Press said.

Eric Orloske was arrested at his home after police discovered the brothers were the only ones in the home that night and witnesses had heard the two arguing, the Star Tribune said.

The victim Brian Orloske was taken to Regions Hospital where he died a shot time later, the Pioneer Press said.

Looters take the streets in Chili

by Kendall Mark

Most Chilians are not happy with how slowly the government took action after the devestating 8.8 earthquake Feb. 27, the New York Times said.

Nearly 72 percent of people thought the government's response and aid was far too slow, and 48 percent thought President Bachelet did not send aid because she did not want her term to end with sending police on to the streets, the New York Times reported.

Now, police have been forcing looters to return what they've stollen or face police raids, the Associated Press said.

The Associated Press said the looters prevented authorities from giving aid to other Chilean's in need of assistance.

6-year-old girl killed on I-35W

by Kendall Mark

State Police are investigating the death of a 6-year-old girl who ran onto a freeway and was hit by a car in Burnsville on Friday night, Star Tribune said.

Kallie N. Palmer was playing at a friends house around 7:15 p.m., the Associated Press said.

Her family lives near the interstate as well, the Star Tribune said.

The girl is assumed to have climbed over a chain-link fence that is about waist-height on an adult that keeps people from wandering onto the interstate, the Associated Press said.

The driver of the SUV that hit the girl was not injured in the accident, the Star Tribune said.

Steelers quarterback accused of sexual assault

by Kendall Mark

For the second time this year, police are investigating a sexual assault accussation against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after a Saturday night stint in a college town in Georgia, the Associated Press said.

Milledgeville police were told by a 20 year-old college student that Roethlisberger had assaulted her Friday night at a club but are not commenting further until Monday morning, Associated Press said.

Roethlisberger has already been accused of sexually assaulting a resort hostess in his hotel room at a gold tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2008, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said.

Roethlisberger has adamently denied both accusations but they are both still under investigation, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said.

St. Cloud man dies in house fire

by Kendall Mark

A house fire killed a 42-year-old man in St. Cloud early Saturday morning, the Star Tribune said.

Two others were injured in the fire and the State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the fire to see if foul play was involved, St Cloud Times said.

Around 6 a.m., police responded to the fire at a six residence on the south side of the city, Star Tribune said.

The name of the victim has not yet been released, St. Cloud Times said.

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