by Kendall Mark

In a story published in the New York Times about mine safety, the three journalists held interviews with employees, present and former, from the Massey Energy mine and TECO Coal Corporation. They've collected data from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration on violations relating to both companies and divulged information on how the companies various practices promote or fail to promote mine safety. They've looked at records from both companies discharge lists and looked into why people were fired, plus at vacation times due to injury. They've noted deaths in the past two years because of mine safety and failures to fix things regulators have said they needed to.

Most of the information came from workers and federal documents, which involve knowing how to navigate and filter through the documents. They also would have needed to know the most basic question of where to look and who to ask for the information, since it might have been hard to access out of Massey Energy (considering what they are currently going through with the recent deaths due to safety failure), An idea of where the mine was and other mines around it would have been neccesary so they would need to know how to find that out and who to contact.

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