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Airlines continue to wait for volcanic ash to lift

by Kendall Mark

Airline loses have reached around $1 billion as of Monday morning, causing the industry to demand compensation from the EU and criticizing governments for not testing the ash and the amounts of open air space, MSNBC said.

Over the weekend, the industry succesfully preformed test flights with out passengers on board, MSNBC said. This led some in the industry to wonder if volcanic ash was as detrimental to jet engines as originally thought.

The airways are supposed to fly only 8,000 to 9,000 of the 28,000 scheduled flights Monday due to air traffic restrictions, the Associated Press said.

Airspace in southern parts of Europe, such as Spain, France, and parts of Italy, is now open but upper airspace is difficult to access, the Associated Press said.

Suicide Bombers kill many in Moscow subways

by Kendall Mark

Two female suicide bombers killed 37 and injured over 100 people in two seperate subway station explosions in Moscow Monday morning, the New York Times said.

The first attack took place during rush hour at a station near the headquarters of the F.S.B., which has been leading the fight against Islamic extremism in Chechnya, the New York Times said.

The Associated Press said, the second attack occured at the Park Kultury station about 45 minutes later.

The subway system in Moscow carries near 7 million people on the average workday, making it the busiest system in the world, Associated Press said. The attacks brought movement in the city center to an abrupt halt as emergency personal sped to the stations.

Bomb death troll rises to 42

by Kendall Mark

Forty-two people were killed Friday in Iraq's northern Diyala province from two bombs, shortly before the release of a preliminary parliamentary vote, Reuters said.

Both homemade, a car bomb and a roadside bomb went off outside of a busy market place in the city of Khalis, CNN said.

Around 68 people were killed in the bombings, including women and children, CNN said.

Looters take the streets in Chili

by Kendall Mark

Most Chilians are not happy with how slowly the government took action after the devestating 8.8 earthquake Feb. 27, the New York Times said.

Nearly 72 percent of people thought the government's response and aid was far too slow, and 48 percent thought President Bachelet did not send aid because she did not want her term to end with sending police on to the streets, the New York Times reported.

Now, police have been forcing looters to return what they've stollen or face police raids, the Associated Press said.

The Associated Press said the looters prevented authorities from giving aid to other Chilean's in need of assistance.

Taliban attacks in Kabul

by Kendall Mark

Suicide bombers, grenades, and guns were used Friday in an attack by the Taliban against Western aided government at a NATO offensive, the Washington Post reported.

The attacks were aimed at two guest houses, usually occupied by foreigners, and killed 16 people, the New York Times reported.

The attacks happened after a NATO-Afghan decision to launch the largest crusade yet against the Taliban in order to restore government to Afghan officials, the Washington Post said.

The attacks killed mostly Indians, even though the Taliban said that was not their intention, New York Times reported. The attacks spotlighted India's support in bringing Afghan government officials back to power.

Most of the people killed were on aid missions and working for non-profit organizations, New York Times said.

Dutch will pull-out of Afghanistan by end of the year

by Kendall Mark

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende announced Sunday he expects Dutch troops will with-draw from Afghanistan by the end of this year, the New York Times said.

The announcement came shortly after the Dutch government collapsed, said the New York Times. The Labor Party quit the government in the Netherlands, which has left many wondering what will happen to the rest of the Western military coalition fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Earlier this month NATO asked Balkenende and the Dutch government to extend its stay in southern Afghanistan to help train the Afghan army and police to take control of the area, CBS News said.

Balkenende announced his caretaker government had no authority to accept NATO's request and stay in the region for any longer, CBS News said.

The Dutch currently have 2,000 troups located in Oruzgan province the New York Times said, where CBS News reported 21 soldiers have died since the campaign began in 2006.

Athlete dies at the Olympic Games

by Kendall Mark

A luge athlete died Friday during a practice run for the Olympics before the opening ceremony had officially started the games, the New York Time reported.

Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, of Georgia died when he lost control of his sled near the end of his run on the Whistler Sliding Centre track, said the New York Times.

The course was reopened Saturday morning after investigators concluded the accident was extremely rare, said Bloomberg.

Kumaritashvili's death was the first death at the Olympics in 18 years, reported Bloomberg.

Twenty-five dead in Pakistan double bombing

by Kendall Mark

Two different bombings in the city of Karachi have left 25 dead and 50 wounded reports BBC News, while MSNBC reports 100 people were wounded in the bombings.

Sunni militants are suspected in the bombings; one bomb hitting a bus full of Shiite worshipers and the other two hours later at a hospital treating the injured victims MSNBC reports.

Meanwhile, BBC has reported the incidents happened within one hour of each other, the first killing 12 people while the second killed 13.

The bombs are just the latest incidents in the instable country the United States hopes to utilize in its defeat of the Taliban's related acts in Afghanistan, reports MSNBC.

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