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This video concentrates on showing Fiona Apple's body. She looks emaciated. She bites her lip and takes off some of her clothes as if she looks very sexy. The clips of pillows, beer bottles and bodies all over the room may represent the morning after a party. While taking off some of her clothes she appears to be wasted. She seems unsure, almost skittish, about taking them off. Twice I've seen a roll of toilet paper. It may suggest cleaning up. The song lyrics suggest something else though. She is admitting to treating someone else bad. She makes herself look vulnerable by showing emotions of sadness. But taking her clothes off may suggest her bragging that she can hurt someone just because. If she has to suffer for her sins because of treating someone bad, the part where she is taking off her clothes might suggest that she is suffering. It could be that cleaning up represents stripping down to nothing to let go of her sins. While she is in the pool, or hot tub, whatever it was may be where she was taking advantage of someone who may have had feeling for her. Then later in the video she seems to be confessing her sins of taking advantage of someone. In the pool she is confident in what she is doing, while in the car she seems to be afraid. Both sides may represent a contradiction of what she did, then how she felt about what she did. Either way, she looks like she is messed up on drugs, maybe heroine since it was during the heroin chic period. She has the appearance of being strung out as she is emaciated. This is beyond skinny. She looks sick. That being said, maybe my opinion is way off. It could be that she is simply naturally thin with a high metabolism. It gives people something to talk about or a reason to talk about her.

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