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"Pop" by N Sync was an interesting video. The lyrics were as well. Unless you were a 13 year old girl during their run, you probably hated them. Since I did have young girls, I was not only listening to their music on the radio, I was also purchasing their CDs. This song seems to represent a fighting back by the group against all those people who think they are not talented. Although there is quite a bit of digital enhancements in this video, these boys could in fact sing. They could also dance. That is appealing to young girls. This type of group was a fad that eventually got old, but one of its members has gone on to become very successful. Justin Timberlake has self-promoted or self-branded and also gone on to perform music with the musician Snoop Dogg. Like one of the reading from class that we read about Rap music, the article stated that unless you were performing with 20 other rappers, your music was not worth listening to. He went on to sing more R&B type of music. He has also gone on to acting. He has done a fabulous job of self-branding. The lyrics suggest that they are successful, but so what. Some of the words include It doesn't matter what I drive or what I wear the message is that it makes you sing along. They are cute. They can harmonize. They surely can dance. What else matters for a boy band? Some of the members have helped co-write lyrics to their songs and maybe did for this song also. Writing lyrics cannot be that easy or many more people would be doing so. They influenced millions of young girls and in doing so made millions of dollars. So whatever the opinions were, they were doing something right.

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