Thinking back

As I am preparing to leave home to attend Carlson School of Management just here in a couple of weeks many thoughts run through my mind. Just last summer at the completion of my junior year in high school I had just barely begun to even glimpse at colleges. I have always loved to bake and would like to open my own Italian bakery in the future. Therefore, along with colleges I was also looking at culinary schools trying to determine if I might like to go off to a 4 year culinary school, do a 2 year culinary program after receiving a 4 year college education, or another alternative. After talking it through with my parents and thinking it over myself I decided I would like to get the 4 year college experience and then continue with culinary training after obtaining a degree. Since I would like to own and operate my own business I thought what else could be better than a degree in business operations management. Then the question became what school? After hearing about Carlson ranked well by U.S. News and World Reports I thought that might be a school worth looking at, not to mention I also have many relatives living in Minnesota not too far from the campus. Therefore, I sent in my application and learned I was accepted in late December. I visited the campus in late January and loved it and decided that the school seemed like a good fit for me. Soon I will learn if I was right.

Now let me define exactly who that "me" is. Im Katrina, and I am part of a family of 6 kids who reside in Kansas City, Missouri. I have been a Girl Scout for 12 years and recently obtained my Girl Scout Gold Award in which I held an appreciation dinner for foster and adoptive parents. Let me mention that the foster and adoptive programs have been very significant in my life as my parents were foster parents for several years and chose to adopt my 3 younger siblings about 6 years ago. I am currently a waitress at a local restaurant which fits my personality very well. I am a very happy go lucky girl ! I am also extremely self motivated and love to get stuff done as soon as I know about it so I don't have to worry the whole time until it's due. I hate procrastinating. I also enjoy running and ran Cross Country all 4 years of high school and plan to join TURC at the U to stay in shape and not lose the amazing feelings running gives you. I also really would like to become involved in some community service opportunities perhaps through the Catholic church near the U of M such as helping out at the Ronald McDonald House. As a Girl Scout the importance of community service was always stressed and I cannot even imagine life without it every once in while. I have many goals and expectations for myself in these next 4 years and in years to come and have high hopes and certainty that I will be successful in many of them. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming experiences! While I may not know the end of my story yet, the journey so far has been one I am proud of and the suspense of not knowing is like adding a new ingredient to a common recipe not knowing if you or others will like the outcome but just clinging to the hope that it's going to be good.