Americans See Weight Problems Everywhere But In the Mirror

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I thought this study was funny because I think it does a good job of portraying the American outlook on obesity. The survey was conducted by 2,250 phone surveys and the findings were that Americans agree that other Americans are overweight but they refuse to view themselves as overweight.
Nine-in-ten American adults say most of their fellow Americans are overweight. But just seven-in-ten say this about "the people they know." And just under four-in-ten say they themselves are overweight. Most people agreed that the main reason for obesity is personal habits - specifically lack of exercise.
I think the information for this survey would have been more honest and true of the sample if it was conducted online. During a phone interview people are more likely to lie about their weight or feel uncomfortable about sharing personal information. An online survey would eliminate the feeling of shame or judgement and provide more accurate information.

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