Marketers Tap Not-So-Secret Research Weapon: Hypnosis

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This article talked about how advertising firms some times use hypnosis to tap into people's real feelings about a product. I thought it was really interesting that advertisers go as far as putting people in a deep hypnosis to see what would make their brand most effective to consumers. I wonder if this is something that happens often and how ethical it is. I feel like it would be easy for people to fake being hypnotized. In the article, it said that people can remember back to the first tv show (or whatever the category they are studying) and they remember not only the show but which episode it was, what they were wearing and other characteristics such as smell and feeling. It's hard for me to believe that this can actually happen and people would be able to remember back that far. However, I would like to do more research on hypnosis and brands because that seems like an extremely effective way to get consumer's real, subconscience feelings toward a brand. I'm surprised every brand does not do this if it is really as effective and it claims in this article.

Another thing I was surprised by in this article is that the focus groups were found by phone interviews and 70-80% of the people contacted for this research study agreed to be hypnotized. Personally, I feel like it is hard enough to get people to answer a short questionnaire so I have a hard time believing that many people would be interested in doing a study where they have to be hypnotized.

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