Most teens with mental disorders not on medication, study finds

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The title of this article caught my attention. I thought it seemed interesting that 'most' teens with mental disorders aren't medicated. I feel like there are too many people on medications who may not really need them. I think doctors are usually too quick to prescribe medicine to someone who could live easily without it. Our society relies too much on medication for a quick fix instead of fixing the direct problem.

The study involved 10,000 middle class teens who had at least a high school education. I thought that this was not a very good sample since they only interviewed people from one social class. I wonder how the numbers would have differed if they had a wider sample of people. In the middle class, I feel like many people have access to good doctors and clinics where they would be more likely to get medication. In the lower class, this might be completely different. Also, many mental disorders stem from how the child is brought up. I think in the lower class mental disorders would be more prevalent.

It was interesting to me that they found that many kids were on the wrong medications for the mental disorder they were diagnosed in this research study. They also said that 2,250 kids are not diagnosed with a mental disorder when they should be on medication. This was really surprising to me because if as many kids as this study says were really on medication it would be a large population being medicated. This study bothered me a little because I don't think medication is the answer to all problems - especially in teenage years when teens are going through a number of emotional and mental changes.

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