Research: Young Men Like Girls - And Web Ads

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Break Media did a study on young men ages 18-34 and their perception of advertisements. The number of this article amazed me and I thought it was worth writing about.
Some of the findings that I thought were interesting were:
-47% of online men in that demographic have purchased a product or service after seeing an online ad.
-59% of young men notice ads, 35% like ads that allow them to play a game and 34% like ads that allow them to participate in a contest.
-69% say they can't live without the Internet, compared with 31% for television.
-40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week.

The article does not say how the survey was conducted so I cannot say whether this sample reflects the general population but either way I was surprised by how receptive men were to advertisements. The article does not say, but I'm curious to see how women and advertisements compare. I feel like women's numbers would be higher because I assume they are bigger shoppers and spend more money.

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