Analysis: Attribution - Man who jumped into NY zoo tigers' den faces charge, says he wanted to be one with the tiger

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In the Star Tribune's update on David Villalobos's jump into the tiger den, they use multiple sources as well as multiple references to portions of Villalobos's Facebook page. The story attributes most of the facts to Villalobos's Facebook activity, zoo officials, zoo director Jim Brehney, the police, and Paul Browne, a New York Police Department spokesperson. Although the story uses general terms, such as the zoo officials or the police, the naming of both the zoo director and the police spokesperson gives the story more legitimacy. The story also references to comments Villalobos made directly to the zoo officials and the police. By attributing it to both the speaker and the person who received the comment, the Star Tribune is fairly giving credit to both sources so it doesn't appear that Villalobos was speaking directly to the paper.

The story is organized with the sources being mainly focused in paragraph groupings. The officials are mixed within the story, but when sources are directly named, they are mostly found within the same areas of the story.

The setup for the attributions was done very effectively. The reporter uses last names after introducing sources, but mixes in terms such as "added" and "commented" to display the attributions with variety while still staying fairly unbiased. It was noted that the story used the term "claimed" in a place that was not a claim in court. Although this is not proper APA style, it did not seem to take away from the validity of the report.

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