Analysis-Structure:Dry September almost record

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The Star Tribune's story about this September being almost the driest to date is a great example of how the structure of news stories groups together facts and progresses through a story in order of a need-to-know basis.

The lead begins by stating the entire story in one sentence. A reader could read that sentence and be satisfied that they have learned something new and had information presented to his or herself in a clear manner. The lead includes what is happening, where it is happening, when it has been happening, and who it is affecting. After stating that this month has been the second-driest ever for the Twin Cities, the second paragraph follows up with data that reinforces that point. The story moves from rainfall that happened this month, to the rainfall that was expected, and then to the rainfall of other areas. These data points are gathered together in a series of paragraphs that complete one larger fact block with smaller sub-fact blocks within it.

Further down in the story, the reporter compares the state to other states in the Midwest. The reporter also gives reasons for other areas of the country experiencing more rainfall. The final paragraph predicts the outlook for the next month.

Although this story might not be the most exciting news story, the progression through the importance of this month being the second-driest September in the Twin Cities history to a basic weather forecast for the future allows a reader to understand the basics of the story immediately. Including information on how this drought is affecting the area could be an interesting addition to the story. This information could be another fact block near the end of the story so it could be cut if it did not fit in the print version of the paper.

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