Peruvian woman killed after reality show confession

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The body of a Peruvian reality show contestant was found Saturday, just two months after an on-air confession, according to the Global Post.

Ruth Thalia Sayas Sanchez,19, was found by police at the Villas de Media Luna in Jicamara, according to the Global Post. Investigators found poison in her body and signs that she was strangled, reported CNN.

Sayas appeared on "The Value of Truth," a reality show, in which contestants answer tough personal questions in front of their loved ones, reported the Global Post. Sayas went on the show with her parents and boyfriend and admitted to accepting money for sex at a nightclub she worked at.

Police have accused Sayas' ex-boyfriend of killing her because he wanted a portion of the money she earned from being on the show, CNN reported.

Peruvian Attorney General Jose Pelaez is looking into the degree of responsibility the show has in Sayas' death. The teen's family said they do not think the show is responsible, CNN reported.

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