Valleyfair announces dinosaur expansion plan

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Valleyfair began plans to add life-size dinosaurs to the amusement park, the Star Tribune reports Saturday.

They park will be adding 30 dinosaurs to a 5 acre wooded pathway. The large moving dinosaurs will be ready for the public in 2013, said the Pioneer Press.

The exhibit, Dinosaurs Alive!, will feature a wide variety of dinosaur species accompanied by information on how the creatures lived. The new exhibit "will bring science and technology together to not only entertain, but educate our guests," Dave Frazier, the park's vice president and general manager, told the Star Tribune.

The Mesozoic Era collection is part of a $3.5 million expansion for the park, reports the Star Tribune. Guests will be charged a $5 admission fee for the dinosaur display, said the Pioneer Press.

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