Analysis - New York Times Vs. Los Angeles Times Multimedia

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The New York Times multimedia section is filled with slideshows, videos, and interactive features. They include what photographs have been used with certain stories as well as slideshows and pictures of the day. The text that accompanies slideshows is simple and straightforward. One slideshow I browsed explored the best craftsmen in France. The pictures explained who the person was they were discussing and then in subsequent photos discussed what they have created and quotes from the featured craftsman. The interactive features on the New York Times website are engaging, interesting and really vary in topic. From college debt, to the weather, to Facebook, the New York Times has created interactive features for everything.

The Los Angeles Times has a framework section that includes both photos and videos that contribute to the news value of the site. For the LA Times, I was most interested in their "Week in Pictures" section. The first photograph has a long story describing all the pictures that will be viewed and how they relate to the news of that week. Then each photograph has an additional caption that explains where the picture is from and then has a very simple description of what the viewer is looking at.

The major difference I noticed between the two was the ease of access to reach the New York Times multimedia section. The LA Times seems to have it more spread out over the entire site where as the NY Times allows users to easily access the multimedia page via the links on the side. The New York Times also seems to have a wider variety of interactive features. For example, they recently put up an interactive feature that breaks down the meaning and repetition between the presidential candidates hand gestures.

When looking at the differences in the slideshows from the pictures that accompany stories, the main difference I noticed is the impact of the pictures. The images in the slideshows are very standalone and make a huge impact with just one or two sentences where as the images that add value to an actual story help depict the main points of the entire story. When creating multimedia it is important to make is simple and straightforward while still being informative.

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You are doing great work, Laura. Keep it up. GG

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