Belfast to open 1st abortion clinic in Ireland

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DUBLIN - A British nonprofit organization announced on Thursday they will open the first ever abortion clinic in Ireland, the New York Times reported.

The opening will challenge legal confusion over pregnancy terminations that have been going on for decades, the Star Tribune reported.

The clinic plans to provide non-surgical procedures to women who are fewer than nine weeks pregnant, the Star Tribune said.

Although the laws in Ireland are supposed to allow abortions under some circumstances in Ireland, many clinics and doctors don't provide them in fear of protesters and lawsuits, the Star Tribune reported. "The law in Northern Ireland has been very unclear for many women and health care professionals. Our clinic will provide a safe, caring, sensitive environment for integrated family planning in Northern Ireland for the first time," said the director of the new clinic, Dawn Purvis.

The plans to open the clinic have outraged many anti-abortion campaigners, the New York Times reported.

"I am absolutely outraged," Bernadette Smyth, founder of the anti-abortion group Precious Life, said in a statement reported the New York Times.

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