Space shuttle Endeavour draws crowds as it lumbers home

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LOS ANGELES - The space shuttle Endeavour lumbered down the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday making its way to Exposition Park, CNN reported.

State Sen. Roderick Wright said he hoped the path of the shuttle through the streets would help inspire young people to continue being interested in space exploration, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The shuttle will be retired into a local museum in Inglewood right where the Endeavour was created, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"All of these states tried to get the Endeavour and they lost," the Los Angeles Times reported Wright said. "One of the reasons they lost is because Endeavour was born here .... This morning, in the great city of Inglewood, we have the opportunity to say 'Welcome home.' "

At around midnight, a Toyota Tundra pulled the shuttle over the Manchester Boulevard bridge and filmed the entire event for a commercial, according to CBS News.

According to CNN, in order for the shuttle to make its way down the streets, 265 trees were cut down, 67 traffic signals were dismantled and 48 mast arms were removed.

"This once-in-a-lifetime event is a cause for celebration," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said.

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