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CNN's coverage of the meningitis outbreaks is a prime example of a spot and follow story. The stories are being updated multiple times a day and knew reports are published online when the number of deaths increases. For each lead in the three stories I analyzed for the meningitis story, the number of deaths and states in which the outbreaks have occurred has increased and the leads have become more specific on what has happened. From the story published on Oct. 3 to the story published on Oct. 6, the deaths rose from four to seven and the lead contained a reason behind the meningitis in the second lead.

The update on the story reveals how much the issue has grown and how the FDA has responded to the outbreaks. The first story speculates on what may have caused the outbreak, but the follow reveals the steroid injections were confirmed to have caused the outbreak and where else they were distributed. The information about what the FDA is doing and the confirmation of where the outbreak stems from is vital to understanding the next steps of the news story and the information about where else the steroids were distributed leaves room for the reporter to continue to follow the story.

Both stories contain information on what meningitis is, but the second one dedicated quite a few more fact blocks to the understanding of the fungal meningitis compared to bacterial and viral meningitis. This adds to the story because people are becoming more and more concerned with the case and the information about the fungus is pertinent to the reader.

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