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The New York Times reported the death of the Wetlands Club creator, Larry Bloch, in the obituaries on Saturday following the standard for obituaries.
The lead follows the structure for a typical obituary with the introduction of Bloch, what is most recognized for and then the place of his death. The lead concludes with his age.

Bloch's wife is used as a source for confirmation of the cause of death in the second paragraph. His own comments from past interviews were placed within the obituary to help readers see what he was hoping to accomplish with his club.

Bloch's obituary has news value because it was timely, he had prominence in his community, and, in a way, novelty. His work on an environmental driven rock club is not a common business venture. He was also able to work with very prominent musicians and celebrities throughout his career at the club.

An obituary is significantly more emotion driven than a resume. A resume lists skills and expertise that an individual has but an obituary include details about the deceased's relationships and accomplishments in more than just work life. Although the professional work of that person may be listed, an obituary can be created for a prominent figure who has gained his or her notoriety through personal accomplishments.

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