Confidential documents found among parade confetti

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Shredded confidential police documents were discovered within the confetti thrown at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, CNN reported.

The confetti contained social security numbers, police detail assignments, and incident reports that were all visible on the strips that were thrown, Time reported. Some strips also contained information from presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign.

Saul Finkelstein, the eyewitness who alerted the police, said he found police documents in still Turing up on Monday morning, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"There were shredded papers all over the place, like snowball size, all over the ground," Finkelstein told CNN.

Most of the information could not have been pieced together to cause a major threat, Time reported. Parade attendees were still concerned about the breach in security.

Macy's responded to the incident saying it uses commercially manufactured confetti, not shredded up papers, Time reported.

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