Teen denied confirmation for supporting gay marriage

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A Catholic teen from northwestern Minnesota was refused the sacrament of confirmation after posting a facebook picture against the marriage amendment, the Star Tribune reported.

Lennon Cihak, 17, was allegedly denied the religious rite of passage by Rev. Gary LaMoine of the Assumption Church in Barnesville, Minn. after seeing him online holding a sign in opposition of the marriage amendment, the Huffington Post reported. The amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman was defeated on Nov. 6.

Shana Cihak, Lennon's mother, said she was shocked to hear about the decision and was told through a private meeting with the priest, the Huffington Post reported.
"I just thought it was wrong to single him out," his mother said.

Lennon said that though all of this, it hasn't affected his faith, the Forum reported.

"I don't want the church to be put down. I don't want the Catholic religion to be put down," he said. "It's just the way the priest has things running. He's so strict. He won't loosen up about things."

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