UK politician suspended over reality television appearance

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A British lawmaker has been suspended Tuesday after deciding to take part in an Australian reality television show, according to Yahoo News.

Conservative legislator Nadine Dorries decided to take part in the show "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" in which contestants are stranded in the Australian Jungle and viewers vote them off one at a time, the Star Tribune reported.

Dorries was suspended from the party's parliamentary caucus by the Conservatives, who lead Britain's coalition government, until she can meet with the head of discipline Chief Whip George Young, the Star Tribune reported.

She was criticized for taking a month off of her duties to participate in the show, the Star Tribune reported.

"The concern is that she will not be doing parliamentary or constituency business in the meantime," a spokesman for the Conservatives told Yahoo News.

Although her participation in the show could backfire, Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie said appearing could help Dorries "present an image of a Tory MP that defies some of the popular preconceptions and caricatures," the Star Tribune reported.

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