October 4, 2007

Work and life

How to balance them? Interesting workshop at the consulting Service of the U.
Very interesting, but something does not match with my forma mentis.
Where is the importance of volunteering, socializing, helping other people, reading and doing stuff that are not part of our work only?
Can we give up a bit of competition for a better life?
I think so.

July 21, 2007

Few more days...

Few more days and the Authority will decide. Am I worth to stay in USA despite my sins? Am I condemned to leave everything, work, friends, two years of good life, without even turning back to watch?
Who knows. The Authority, with its color, with its fears, without doubts, is crunching decisions after decisions, life after life, playing the Fate.
Soon it will be my turn.
However, it is strange but this omnipotent Authority take different shapes, quit human. How can they serve the Authority without questions? How can they renounce to their rationality?

July 8, 2007


Sono quasi due mesi che sto a Toronto aspettando Godot, cioe` i tempi della polizia di frontiera che potrebbe (ma non ci spero) riammettermi negli USA.
Nel frattempo mi godo la vita in questa bellissima citta` multiculturale, multietnica e integrata, tra festival e 100 lingue diverse.
Non sono i cugini scemi degli USA, come si dice. Sono persone piu` rilassate e aperte, meno ricche e frenetiche.

E d`inverno fa pure meno freddo...

July 6, 2007

Special registration

Since few years ago, it is not a good idea to have any connections, even loose, with place that are not part of the western world. everyone is a suspect, civil rights are partially suspended, the first world is under siege.
And I am here, stuck in Canada, because an officer at the border told me that my country of birth is very bad, so they have to keep me out. It does not matter that I have been living in Minnesota for almost two years.
Il sonno della ragione genera mostri.

May 14, 2007


Lots of park in Minnesota, beautiful and green. But... why they have to be paved? To grant access to wheelchair? To domesticate nature? I don`t know, but I would like to stay in a park without the noise of the street or the smell of the asphalt. Otherwise the difference between a park and a man-made garden get lost.

April 12, 2007

Going back to Europe

many reasons to come back: better weather, less work, some mountain and maybe the sea. But I will definitely miss the icredible people I met here

January 8, 2007

Movie of the day - Apocalypto

Have you seen the movie Apocalypto? If not, I will like to tell you in few words the plot, including the unexpected final.

In a tropical forest, a nice tribe of Maya live happily, killing violently any creature on 4 legs, gathering fruit and vegetables from the forest, having a lot of eterosexual approaches.
The peace is disturbed by an evil tribe, that invade the village, kill old people, rape women, and kidnap the few robust men. Since they live someone alive, we are sure that they were not trained in the US army.

After a nice forest trip, the group is brought to a city, where several men are sacrified to please the God(s), because some rain is appreciated. Again, the brutal sacrifice tell us that Mrines are not involved, since no electrode or cameras appear in the movie.

After an eclypse (original solution, eh?), the men are set free with the only condition of fight one against ten in a nasty and dirty game. No, it is not the final of superbowl, but the blood spread is almost the same.

The only survivor ran in the forest to come back home, asking help to a jaguar, fighting like Rambo in Vietnam, e goig faster than a streaker during the World cup Final.

Finally, Jaguar paw reach his village and his family, just in time to see the new invasor landing on the beach.

This is the plot, but the price of 9 $ include blood, violence, gore, in more than 400 scenes. At the end of the movie, I decide that Red dawn was a better movie.

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