January 8, 2007

Movie of the day - Apocalypto

Have you seen the movie Apocalypto? If not, I will like to tell you in few words the plot, including the unexpected final.

In a tropical forest, a nice tribe of Maya live happily, killing violently any creature on 4 legs, gathering fruit and vegetables from the forest, having a lot of eterosexual approaches.
The peace is disturbed by an evil tribe, that invade the village, kill old people, rape women, and kidnap the few robust men. Since they live someone alive, we are sure that they were not trained in the US army.

After a nice forest trip, the group is brought to a city, where several men are sacrified to please the God(s), because some rain is appreciated. Again, the brutal sacrifice tell us that Mrines are not involved, since no electrode or cameras appear in the movie.

After an eclypse (original solution, eh?), the men are set free with the only condition of fight one against ten in a nasty and dirty game. No, it is not the final of superbowl, but the blood spread is almost the same.

The only survivor ran in the forest to come back home, asking help to a jaguar, fighting like Rambo in Vietnam, e goig faster than a streaker during the World cup Final.

Finally, Jaguar paw reach his village and his family, just in time to see the new invasor landing on the beach.

This is the plot, but the price of 9 $ include blood, violence, gore, in more than 400 scenes. At the end of the movie, I decide that Red dawn was a better movie.

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