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Where I'm Applying and Why

I'm applying to volunteer at the old persons home in St. Paul. In my family we are taught since the day we're born that the old care for the young and the young take care of the old in the end. Today though I see so many families shipping off their parents into homes alone. Old people are people. They are filled with history, wisdom and love. If no one is there for them to talk to them, to live with them. Why would they be active and alive? I feel that if we try our best to help old people in their final years here, they can at least leave with a peace of mind that someone in this world will love them until their final days. I don't want to die in a bed in some institution. I want to be with people. I know I'll become senile, crazy, hell inept. But that's life. Also, we are young and have so many potential years ahead of us. What better way to prepare for our future then to meet people who have lived a lifetime already. I want to know the perspective of someone who has already "seen it all."

The second place I'm applying to is the Simpson Homeless shelther. All my life I've always had a place to sleep in. A roof over my head. Someone was always there to take care of me. The reality is, this is a foreign concept for some. Some people struggle day to day finding somewhere to sleep. In Minnesota, shelther is not an option. Our winters will kill you if you don't have a place to sleep in. I want to be part of this solution. I don't want to walk away not contributing to this cause. I want to find out why some people can't find places to sleep in. I want to educate myself in a world I haven't lived in.