December 12, 2006

Neil Gershenfeld and Louis Kahn's readings

By reading the two articles, it has made me realize that the future I always dreamed of is today and that those things that I thought weren't possible are being achived today in this world. 3D printing and personal fabrications are some examples what Gershenfeld talked about. At MIT where he taught the "How to make (almost) anything", he explores the possibilities of how creativity plays a big role in our lives. He expected the class to be for upper devision students, but students who had no experience in such engineering field had signed up to take it. Because every person has different needs and wants, personal fabrication is most efficient. Instead of mass producing things, the product is designed specifically for that certain person's needs and wants. By having students who have no experience in the field participate in the class and all the people from different cutures that were part of the Fab lab, gershenfeld comes to a conclusion that the fututre of the depends on the creativity of each of those people. He also finds that even without the certain knowledge, a person is capable of doing anything as long as they are equipped with the right equipment. In Louis Kahn's article, he talked about how nature is not something that we can change but it will always be something that wwe will want to figure out.
The connection between the two articles is that it talks about the creativity and the differences of each person's needs and wants. The articles also showed that it is a man's nature to do what ever it takes to get what they want. In gershfeld's article, the pesonal fabrication techniques lets a person make what ever they want. The main point of the two articles is that with creativity and different needs and wants of a person, we should focus more on personalizing things rather than mass producing because it lets us be more creative and that more things will come of it within the process.

November 28, 2006

Technology as a Power

To many people, technology blends into our life so well that we never stop to realize how much influence it has onus. Ever since the invention of the light bulb, our lifestyles have changed dramatically. We are now able to work longer hours and are able to do things that we never thought we could. As it said in Neil Postman’s reading, “Technology doesn’t add or subtract from us, it changes everything.?

Through the invention of such things as iPods, Video Games, Cell Phones, and other technology, our lives have become more convenient.

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Mathematics & Design

There are so many things in our lives today that involve math and design that I couldn’t decide what to write. As I was running for the first time since school started, I looked down and saw a great example of math and design. My Adidas running shoes had some kind of new heel cushioning system that consisted of arches that work in a spring like manner.


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Frank Gehry and Jewelry?!?!?!


It was almost a month ago, I went to Tiffany & Co. at the Galleria Mall in Edina with my dad to buy my mom a birthday present. As we were picking out which necklace to get her, I noticed a familiar name next to a collection of unique jewelries. I stood there staring at the name, thinking so hard, who is this guy? I know him from somewhere... when I saw these pieces


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November 27, 2006


As you look around in the world today there are many oppositions that surround us. One of the major oppositions in our lives is the sunlight duration. Without electricity, our daily lives would be considerably shorter because there would be no light after sun down. This may be a good thing to many of us because we lack in sleep hours, but we wouldn't be able to get anything done. As a resolution for the opposition of sunlight duration, we have the option of turning on the lights.


Back when cave men still existed, they struggled to stay alive in the dark because they had absolutely no light at night. Through the invention of fire, they eliminated that opposition of sunlight duration and was able to work longer hours and their days became longer.


Today we are able to work as long as we want because we have light with a flip of the light switch. When it is dark outside, we can just turn the light on and continue on with our activities. This creation of light/fire has made many changes to the human lives just like many other oppositions that we encouter in our daily lives. the way we live, dress, eat are some ways oppositions in different areas can affect us. As we all know oppositions will always be existent in our lives and they will show us the differnt paths that we could take in our life time which will make life more interesting.

October 17, 2006



As I was doing my homework for English writing my pre-writing for the next big paper, I realized that the pen I was using was a Phenomena. The pen that I was using was from a family friend in Japan and she gave it to me as a graduation gift. It is a Staedtler Avant-Garde Light pen and has three different writing utensils all in one. this pen has Black and Red ball-point and 0.5mm mechanical pencil built inside.


Some of the essential attributes of the Staedtler Avant-Garde Light pen are: Aluminum, Black and Red Ball-Point pen, 0.5mm Mechanical pencil, an eraser, lead refills, weights, and the casing.


Frameworks of this pen include: German made, metal, the three different utencils, the body casing, and the weights.


Clockworks include: the change in style of the pens within the German utencil company Straedtler and how you change the pens by turning the pen you want to use upward and letting gravity do the work. i guess its kind of hard to explain in words how it works but once you use this pen, you will know what i'm talking about.


The Phenomena here is how the pen uses gravity to its advantage to shift between the three different kinds of pens. Whenever I use the pen, it always amuses me because its so mysterious how the German company came about to create this sleek simple and futuristically designed pen. It also amuses me how they put all of that into an average sized pen. This pen is also a good example of how simple things like a Pen has a lot to do with design.

October 10, 2006

Gas Works Park, Seattle WA

Picture 2.png

Picture 4.png

For my Blog assignment #3, I chose the Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA. It has many meaning to me and to the the city of seattle. This park use to be a gas powered power plant and provided power for much of Seattle in the early 1900's. today it has been turned into a park for people of all ages. It is located right on Lake Union, across the lake from Downtown Seattle.

Picture 3.png

I chose this park because I use to go there with my family all the time back when I lived in seattle. Everytime we go on a vacation to seattle, we always spend a day at the park to play and just enjoy the scenery. This is my favorite park because it reminds me of all the good times me and my family had there when I was little. Just being there makes me feel relaxed and back at home. One of the cool thing is that it makes me feel like a kid once again. It is a great feeling that I can not experience anywhere else.
The best part of the park is the view of Downtown Seattle. you can see everything from the Space Needle to the skyline and all the interactions that go on on the lake; people on boats, planes flying and landing on water, or even fighter jets, Blue Angels, practicing their routines for the flight show.

overall, I would say that the Genius Loci of this park is how it is very relaxing and beautiful place. In a way it brings everything thats going around in the city all in one spot. Even though the Gas Works Park is no longer a power plant, I believe it still provides the city with great power in a spiritual sense.

September 26, 2006

Issues in Social Design

It has just past the one-year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and I believe there could have been many things done in housing design that could have saved many lives. the first problem was that the Army Core of Engineers knew for a long time that the levees in New Orleans weren't built deep enough to accomodate the recommended the depth of 17ft, but they didn't do anything about it. maybe that extra 3ft could have been enough to prevent the levees from breaching. Levees breached in approximately 20 places flooding 80% of the city.

When rebuilding the city, they could make houses on stilts to prevent damage from minor floods. For example, most houses in the country side of Hawaii along the shoreline are built on stilts so that incase the seawater washes overshore, the water will cause no damage to the actual building it self. If rebuilding was to occur in New Orleans, they could make cheap houses using that technique. The house that I saw in Hawaii didn't seen like they were very costly. They were like a box on top of columns that supported it up. Kind of like a mini version of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoie.
Another thing they could do is to build the highway above sea level so that even if a disaster like this occurs again, there would at least be a way to transport people in and out of the affected areas.

if we would have thought of simple things like building houses off the ground and roads above the sea level earlier when planning the development of the city, many lives could have been saved.

September 19, 2006

The Midtown Global Market

Going to the Global Market made me feel like I was in another country from all of the interactions that were going on with the workers and customers similar to a busy street in Japan. The energy here was not only the exchange of money, but also created by the coming and going of the people. I think that the way they had all of the different kinds of stores randomly placed made the atmosphere much more energetic and interesting. People were going from stand to stand, exchanging conversation.
I believe that the Diversity within the Market was another key aspect of the Energetic atmosphere. Through the mixture of cultures, the visitors learn something new from each store and pass it on to the other. I remember my mom Coming home and telling all her Japanese friends what a good time she had and making plans for the upcoming weekend to go there.
By going to the Market I have come to realize why my mom and her friends always talk about going to the market and all. It is because of the Energetic atmosphere that you really can't really experience anywhere else in the Twin Cities.