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As I was doing my homework for English writing my pre-writing for the next big paper, I realized that the pen I was using was a Phenomena. The pen that I was using was from a family friend in Japan and she gave it to me as a graduation gift. It is a Staedtler Avant-Garde Light pen and has three different writing utensils all in one. this pen has Black and Red ball-point and 0.5mm mechanical pencil built inside.


Some of the essential attributes of the Staedtler Avant-Garde Light pen are: Aluminum, Black and Red Ball-Point pen, 0.5mm Mechanical pencil, an eraser, lead refills, weights, and the casing.


Frameworks of this pen include: German made, metal, the three different utencils, the body casing, and the weights.


Clockworks include: the change in style of the pens within the German utencil company Straedtler and how you change the pens by turning the pen you want to use upward and letting gravity do the work. i guess its kind of hard to explain in words how it works but once you use this pen, you will know what i'm talking about.


The Phenomena here is how the pen uses gravity to its advantage to shift between the three different kinds of pens. Whenever I use the pen, it always amuses me because its so mysterious how the German company came about to create this sleek simple and futuristically designed pen. It also amuses me how they put all of that into an average sized pen. This pen is also a good example of how simple things like a Pen has a lot to do with design.