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Neil Gershenfeld and Louis Kahn's readings

By reading the two articles, it has made me realize that the future I always dreamed of is today and that those things that I thought weren't possible are being achived today in this world. 3D printing and personal fabrications are some examples what Gershenfeld talked about. At MIT where he taught the "How to make (almost) anything", he explores the possibilities of how creativity plays a big role in our lives. He expected the class to be for upper devision students, but students who had no experience in such engineering field had signed up to take it. Because every person has different needs and wants, personal fabrication is most efficient. Instead of mass producing things, the product is designed specifically for that certain person's needs and wants. By having students who have no experience in the field participate in the class and all the people from different cutures that were part of the Fab lab, gershenfeld comes to a conclusion that the fututre of the depends on the creativity of each of those people. He also finds that even without the certain knowledge, a person is capable of doing anything as long as they are equipped with the right equipment. In Louis Kahn's article, he talked about how nature is not something that we can change but it will always be something that wwe will want to figure out.
The connection between the two articles is that it talks about the creativity and the differences of each person's needs and wants. The articles also showed that it is a man's nature to do what ever it takes to get what they want. In gershfeld's article, the pesonal fabrication techniques lets a person make what ever they want. The main point of the two articles is that with creativity and different needs and wants of a person, we should focus more on personalizing things rather than mass producing because it lets us be more creative and that more things will come of it within the process.