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When first proposed with this blog, I found it difficult to imagine what exactly I would do architecturally, artistically lyrically and so on in our society that would have am impact on my environment. It’s hard to imagine a place here on Earth that would allow me to do whatever I want in regards of using my imagination in architecture. I guess iI will have to see where my imagination takes me.

In the true essence of what I have learned and absorbed in my classes involving architecture I have noticed the dire need to be to active in ones community, but also the importance of preserving ones environment. Not only is learning to build and create works of art that are intertwined with the natural processes of nature important, but maintaining a more effiecnt lifestyle for ourselves is as well

With this said I will ARCHITECTUALLY


Expand my horizons where the boundaries of sky are not tangible in order to not set boundries, but set inspiration.

I will then LYRICALLY


stand by my beliefs and the things that i believe in: conservation

AND then I will BODILY...


create and intertwine architecture in order to contrue our surroundings, our society and our environment.