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Blog II- Affordable Housing

Affordable housing here in the Twin Cities is an increasing issue as time passes. More and more people are having difficulties trying to pay their mortgages while struggling to maintain a decent life for their families. According to http://fhfund.org it is understood that more and more people are facing these very same issues everyday and that In the Twin Cities metro area, 171,000 or 46 percent of low-income households are considered cost-burdened. This is the simple fact that has been staring people in the face many years now. Something has to be done when more than 30% of a family’s income is put into housing.
How can a family afford the exceedingly high prices of homes and apartments in the cities when more than half of the jobs here in Minnesota pay less than 31,000 a year? This is evidently not nearly enough to rent of even buy a home here in the Twin Cities. It’s a serious issue that many organizations have paid attention to including The Family Housing Fund, Habitat for Humanity and many others who are non-profited organization who preserve and produce affordable homes for low to middle income families here in the Twin Cities. The Family Housing fund as a funder, raises money from organizations and uses the funds to make grants and loans toward the creation and preservation of affordable housing.
Although it may sounds easier said than done, it does take a lot of time and community involvement to makes things work. Many of the Organization depend greatly on volunteers throughout the community to help others. Which is another important reason why volunteering is SO very important in the community. Its a way to reach out and help others and know that they would do the same for you!