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Blog 5: " Explore through image and text how the built environment affects ( support of distracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena, and oppositions."
When I first read this blog the first things that came into my mind where…

In the essence, these things are some of the things in my “built? environment that I believe have an effect on who I am and what I stand for.
Let me elaborate by going down the list.
bren 224.JPG
The word “Family? and is incorporated into my built environment in many ways. When thinking of the word family, I would like to categorize it in the physical realm as phenomena. The reason why I would say that family to me is a phenomena is because a family in general always exhibits behavior characteristics. For example, stability, and self restoration and at the same time ones family can also be unstable and chaotic while simultaneously spiraling and converging in many ways. For me, my family has impacted me in those ways which is why I would categorize family as phenomena.
bren 003.JPG
Friends. This word, for me, constitutes the principle of clockworks in the physical realm. Clockworks are frameworks in which a fixed number of things start with a given set of mutual things that go through changes in a periodic manner and keep returning to the original set. In a way, a group of friends may effect who you are, how you act, and why you are the way you are. Friends go through changes as do any other kind of relationships, and change. But in the end the friends that you are closest to are the ones that keep returning. In this manner I can say that friends are like clockworks.


When i was thinking about how the built environment and how it affects who I am, I realized that the weather plays a major role into the physical realm. In regards to weather and climate, i think that weather falls into the category of phenomena in a variety of ways that affects who I am. I think it's appropriate to categorize weather in the idea of phenomena because phenomena is described as something that has origins, marked beginings, long term effects, has duration, exhibits change and can be modeled to various degrees. As you all can see that weather plays a role in all of these situations, but especially in the of how it affects who I am. For instance when the weather outside is particularly couldy and cold, it doesn't give me much inspiration to really go out and enjoy my surroundings. On the other hand, a sunny day usually makes me feel in many ways inspired to go out and get things done within my physical environment.
As you can see through my three examples, the ideas of phenomena, clockworks and frameworks have an impact into the physcial realm of who I am. Not only do i think that these ideas have an impact on my life, but i think its also an important aspect in a lot of people lives. Think about it. Who would you be with out Friends, Family and the Weather?