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Ensuring Sustainability: Monday 4/28/08

Yesterday we saw three groups present on two different goals for our Millennium Term project. One in particular that caught my attention was one of the groups that presented on Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. What I found most interesting was how they approached this particular goal. They didn’t specifically zone in to one architect or one organization; they looked at the big picture. What they did was that they looked at sustainability as a whole and narrowed it down to air pollution, water sanitation, energy, and forestry and wood. From there they went on to describe why we need to bring sustainability to these things , how some of these industries were going about it and finally a synthesis of what these industries were doing and what they could do better to promote a more sustainable environment.
To be a little more specific I think it would of made their presentation a lot better if they did all that, but had chosen a specific organization or architect that was working with their goal. Over all their documentation of this goal was very well and I was impressed at how well they put everything together.