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First blog. Yay. I hope to learn many things in this class. Uh, never-mind that's waaay too formal. Anyway following the assignment specifications: There aren't a lot of things on the list of Intended learning outcomes that I am really familiar with. I know how to write effective comments (I think) although I don't particularly enjoy it. Writing comments feels like a waste of time, but I do understand the reason behind it and I have found it useful in the past. I just accept it as a necessary (and useful) evil I suppose. I was introduced to the theory of defensive programming, and I understand the concepts. I won't say I'm
particularly good at it, I'm not. Quite frankly my coding skills are trash. But I do understand the idea, and have seen a few sample of what a programmer ought to do. I have never used C++, so I'm hoping to get an idea of how that works in this class. I used C in CSci 2021 and hated it. Java is way better. But I'm hoping C++ will be a little bit nicer. I'll find out in due time. I have no idea how to create a model and implement one when creating a program. The UML is an entirely new concept to me, but if I can figure it
out and use it effectively, I see how it could perhaps speed up, and maybe ease the design and coding process. OK I'm really bored now. I want to learn everything. And I don't know anything, I don't feel like going in depth on one or two topics. In fact I don't think I could if I wanted to. I don't know anything about what we're supposed to learn, so I can't really say anything about them other than the basic "_____ is a really awesome noun. I can't wait to learn more about it!!!!!" (note that's sarcasm). OK I wrote something. Why do I really want to learn any of the things that I'm supposed to learn in this class?
Uh... cuz then I be smarter. Then me does better. Then credit for class I get. I would like to learn to code better as a whole. I need to be able to use different tools to get my code clean and efficient. My code ought to be readable because everything that I write will be absolutely amazing and everyone will want to know how it works so they can copy it and steal my ideas, and then the world will be a better place. Or not. whatever. Oh I also think the regular expression idea is pretty cool. Plus I'm learning about them in CSci 4011 so now I got to learn about regex's twice. I'm so lucky. They are rather useful, as they can feed information about text rather efficiently. Alright I'm done. I didn't really write 1-2 pages so sue me. I don't care anymore.

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