Assignment 2


To first get in a creative mood, I wanted to make all of my roommates play charades with me since in the past we've played Gestures as a group and it's been a lot of fun. It was too hard to coordinate everyone's schedules with Halloween weekend, so I watched Louie instead to draw inspiration for creativity. This show always makes me laugh really hard. I really like the comedian's dry sense of humor and like that the show not only has a storyline, but incorporates standup comedy as well.


From there, I came up with my mind map:


I started off thinking about snow days because of all of the great memories they held as a child. Snow Days used to be the best days of the year, especially because of how rare they were. My brothers and I used to go on extravagant outside adventures through the snow. From there, I let my mind wander and took me through categories such as the weather, vacation, holidays, finals, sickness, etc. The three subthemes I want to focus on moving forward are Outdoor Adventures in the Snow (playing in snow activities), Bundling up (braving the cold with snow gear/outer wear), and Hanukkah.

Then moving onto the third part of the assignment, I just looked at my mindmap and going through the categories, realized I had a lot of fun, sometimes ridiculous, ideas for products. If I had struggled or drawn a blank, I would have made some association maps, but in this circumstance it was not necessary.

Here are my ideas:


First, I had a Roof Sledding Obstacle Course. When my brothers and I used to go on adventures during snow days, we would sometimes sled off of his friend's roof. This was not very safe, but it was a lot of fun. This experience inspired this idea.


Second, I had ultimate snow gloves that go up to your elbows to keep snow out. I just always hate getting snow in between where my jacket ends and gloves start. They have a couple different features to keep you warm and happy.


Next, I had a self-extinguishing menorah. When I was a kid, I was curious one Hannukah night, lit a napkin on fire and melted our trash can. This menorah would be for parents with children. This way you can still promote the tradition of letting the candles burn out, but can ensure your children's safety. The menorah would extinguish the candles somehow with a sensor if a hand approaches.


This next idea was just to make sledding a little more fun with lights and music, party on a sled.


Then I had the sick snuggie. This is more of a ridiculous novelty item idea. It would be a snuggie that has lots of sick amenities built in.

Following this sick theme, I would love if there was a tissue dispensing glove!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.25.17 PM.png

I've always loved playing dreidel with my family, so I had a couple dreidel related ideas:



Next, I had the idea for a winter themed slip n' slide where you slide down an ice channel into a pile of snow.


And lastly, mood ring inspired gloves!



Your blog is very thorough and detailed in your descriptions of how you came about your mind map, sub themes, and ideas! I really appreciate how you described each idea, how you thought of it, and related a lot of them to memories you have of winter as a child. Some of your ideas are actually pretty cool ones, things we could actually execute and have as products! It would be fun to see some more out of the box, extravagant and ridiculous ideas (Not that I wasn't guilty of the same thing in my blog :p). Also, I noticed that drawing the sketches on individual pieces of computer paper and scanning them in to post to the blog looked really neat, the background blended with the background of the blog site and made the sketches really pop!

I really liked your ideas. There were some products that brought out your memories of the childhood, and I liked the way you expressed it. Also you addressed the audience you were targeting for the product such as the self-extinguishing menorah. I think that is a very important key when you are creating a new product and when you know for whom this product is made!! I really liked the idea of the tissue dispenser glove. For me, I did not come up with a sick theme in this assignment at all, so it was a very well thought and practical idea. It also gave me a new way of creating a thoughtful product for those who can’t go through severe Minnesota weather without catching a cold.

My suggestion is that you may explore more of sub-themes and create ideas of different categories. Overall, you came up with really awesome ideas!!

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